What size logs can be sawn? From 10" - 36" diameter logs with length from 5' - 21'. Larger or smaller logs can be sawn if necessary with adaptations to the sawmill.
  What type of logs? Hardwood or softwood, seasoned or green.
  What can it be sawn into? Boards, beams, planks, posts etc, can be produced to your specifications. Planks can be 'waney' edged or sawn with square edges. Feather edge boards can be produced for fencing and sheds etc, as can 'shingles' for roofing.
  Where can timber be sawn? Small amounts of timber can be easier to transport to our yard and can be sawn there. Usually, we bring the sawmill to you and set it up as close as possible to the logs, This may be in your yard, field, woodland etc providing there is reasonable access. Logs may be winched to the sawmill if required.
  Is it worth sawing the logs that I have? This will depend on various things , including type of trees, size of logs, quantity and situation of logs, uses of timber produced etc.
What area do you cover?

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Please note that we do not usually charge for a site visit to assess the situation and discuss customer requirements.